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Nikita Vaniasin

  • 12+ years of Software Engineering experience
  • Collaborated directly with stakeholders as a freelancer/consultant
  • Academic researcher (PhD), mentor, delivered university lectures
  • Co-founded and led a small business from inception to over 2600+ paying users
  • Background in Database optimization, High-performance cloud platforms and building data-intensive applications


Senior Software Engineer - ArangoDB
Feb 2022 - Feb 2024
  • Integrated Machine Learning components into the Kubernetes operator, enabling users to save up to 30% costs when running ML tasks on their on-prem deployment.
  • Proposed the design and implemented a tool for migrating on-prem installations to managed cloud solution, allowing to convert more clients to paying customers.
  • Initiated and accomplished the redesign and rearrangement of Operator documentation to eliminate duplication and make it more user-oriented.
  • Automated the creation of OpenAPI validation schemas for Kubernetes CRDs, reducing manual efforts.
  • Come up with an idea and upgraded the “DC to DC cluster synchronization” tool to use a newer version of DB-driver resulting in more robust and memory-efficient communication between components.
  • Established unified approach for PR checks and CI/CD pipelines for all five main Golang projects, increasing code quality and speeding up the release cycle.
  • Optimized leader election mechanics for Go projects, utilizing a new polling API to reduce resource consumption and lower the load on DB servers.
  • Initiated the addition of automatic security vulnerability scanning for all five Golang projects using govulncheck, enhancing the security of built artifacts.
Senior Software Engineer - CloudRadar
Mar 2019 - Dec 2021
  • Working mostly on server-monitoring software, I managed to refactor legacy code while optimizing the performance of metrics collection.
  • Designed and built a novel tool to set up remote tunnels to servers in security-tightened environments. Acquired by RealVNC.
  • Established CI/CD pipelines, packaging and delivering binaries (deb, rpm, windows), saving 10 human hours monthly.
  • Suggested and implemented async job execution and monitoring, empowering customers to track metrics and create alerts for scheduled tasks.
Self-employed - Freelance
Mar 2018 - Jan 2022

Gained experience in communicating with stakeholders, gathering requirements, and resolving conflict situations.

At the same time, created many projects in different fields, broadening my skill set: Docker Volume Plugin for LVM, Suppliers ordering system (Node.js, Go), High-performance web-crawler (Go), Mattermost plugin (Go), and others involving Kubernetes, nginx, Linux, CI/CD, and Protobuf.

Lecturer and tutor - Local universities
Sep 2015 - Jan 2018
  • Delivered lectures on Database Programming & Information Retrieval, Software Development Management (Agile & Scrum), and an introductory course for first-year students. Over 80% of attendees are now employed in international companies.
  • Organized multiple nationwide Olympiads in informatics using open-source software.
Intern ➔ Software Engineer ➔ Senior Software Engineer - iSpring Solutions
Jul 2011 - Mar 2018
  • Mentored newcomers and spoke at internal meetups; four of my five mentees secured permanent contracts.
  • Led a small team to integrate the Webinars platform (WebRTC), boosting upsell for existing customers.
  • Designed the ‘Webinar Recording’ feature, enabling the saving of sessions in a playable format.
  • Automated the release process using TeamCity and Fabric, saving ~20 human hours monthly.
  • Optimized a permission access system for served files (OpenResty+Lua), leveraging Redis-stored permissions to significantly reduce response time.
  • Designed and implemented iSpring Content Library backend, powering the “Content Library” feature.
  • Developed backend .NET service for OS-independent processing of MS Equation files.
  • Rewrote hundreds of test cases using Codeception, adding E2E tests, and reducing escaped defects.
  • Optimized backup tool for main product sites, significantly speeding up the process.
  • Reworked the hierarchical permissions system for shared files access using closure-table approach which resulted in higher RPS and lower resource usage.
  • Implemented video transcoding using AWS Elastic Transcoder / SNS / S3, reducing infrastructure costs.
  • Enhanced in-browser data recovery system for user statistics, reducing data loss.
  • Implemented full-text search using Sphinx, enhancing user satisfaction.

Education and Certifications

May, 2024
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
2015 - 2020
PhD, Computer Science
Mari State Technical University (Volgatech)
PhD thesis: Model and algorithms of Integrated Development Environment with structure editor for software source code


JaySearch - SEO insights from Google Search console
JaySearch - SEO insights from Google Search console
Technical leadership and execution. The tool allows improving SEO by tracking keyword rankings and discovering growth opportunities with real-time data from GSC.
Breezzly - platform for UX/UI design education
Breezzly - platform for UX/UI design education
Co-founder, complete technical execution. Started as a hobby project, it now educates 2600+ paying customers in UX/UI skills.
Golang client for Tinkoff Acquiring API (v2)
Golang client for Tinkoff Acquiring API (v2)
The package allows to send token-signed requests to Tinkoff Acquiring API and parse incoming HTTP notifications.
nmad Telegram bot
nmad Telegram bot
Add bot to your chat to track nomad locations!
ArangoDB Kubernetes Operator - Start ArangoDB on Kubernetes in 5min
The official ArangoDB go driver.

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